How to Use Chemex Pour Over

Welcome to our guide on how to use the Chemex pour over method to brew the perfect cup of coffee. The Chemex is a classic coffee maker with a timeless design, known for producing a clean and balanced cup with delightful floral notes. Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast or just starting your brewing journey, we’re here to walk you through the step-by-step process of using the Chemex pour over method.


To begin, gather your brewing essentials. You’ll need an 8-cup Chemex, Chemex filters, a grinder, 42g (6 tablespoons) of coffee, hot water just off the boil (around 205°F), a scale, timer, stir stick, and a mug. Once you have everything ready, follow these instructions:

  1. Place the Chemex filter in the brewer and rinse it with hot water to preheat the Chemex and remove any papery taste.
  2. Add 42g of coffee, ground to the consistency of Kosher salt, to the Chemex, and zero out the scale.
  3. Start the timer and pour hot water until all the grounds are saturated or until you reach approximately 150g. Stir gently to ensure there are no dry clumps.
  4. At 45 seconds, start the second pour, pouring in a wiggling motion until the volume reaches about a fingertip down from the top of the rim or around 450g of water.
  5. At 1 minute and 45 seconds, fill the brewer flush to the top or approximately 700g of water.
  6. At 4 minutes, lift the filter to check for enough volume and then remove it completely.
  7. Give the Chemex a gentle swirl, and you’re ready to serve two cups of delicious brewed coffee.

Key Takeaways:

  • Using the Chemex pour over method, you can brew a clean and balanced cup of coffee with floral notes.
  • Preheat the Chemex filter by rinsing it with hot water.
  • Add 42g (6 tablespoons) of coffee grounds to the Chemex and pour hot water to saturate the grounds.
  • Stir and continue pouring water in stages until reaching the desired volume.
  • Remove the filter, swirl the Chemex, and serve your freshly brewed coffee.

What Is a Chemex and Its Necessities

The Chemex is a coffee maker invented in 1941 by a chemist named Peter Schlumbohm. It has a simple but unique design that allows excess air to escape from the bottom of the carafe through a paper filter, resulting in a perfect rate of filtration. The Chemex is made with a single piece of borosilicate glass and features a wooden collar and rawhide tie for aesthetics. It comes in various sizes, with the 6 and 8-cup versions being the most popular.

To use a Chemex, you will also need Chemex filters, a coffee scoop or scale for measuring coffee, a grinder for grinding coffee beans, and a gooseneck kettle for precision pouring. Fresh coffee beans are also essential for the best results.

Chemex NecessitiesDescription
Chemex Coffee MakerThe Chemex coffee maker is the primary device used to brew coffee using the pour-over method. It is made of borosilicate glass and features a unique design for optimal filtration.
Chemex FiltersChemex filters are specifically designed to fit the Chemex coffee maker. They are made of high-quality paper that removes any unwanted flavors and oils from the coffee, resulting in a clean and flavorful brew.
Coffee Scoop or ScaleA coffee scoop or scale is necessary for accurately measuring the right amount of coffee for your Chemex brew. Consistency in coffee-to-water ratio is crucial for achieving the desired flavor profile.
GrinderA grinder is essential for grinding fresh coffee beans to the appropriate size for the Chemex. A consistent grind size ensures even extraction and optimal flavor.
Gooseneck KettleA gooseneck kettle allows for precise control over the pouring speed and direction, which is crucial for an even saturation and extraction of coffee grounds in the Chemex.

Chemex Coffee Maker

How to Use a Chemex Coffee Maker, Best Coffee for Chemex, and Cleaning

Using a Chemex coffee maker is a simple and rewarding process. To begin, heat your water to a boil or to 205°F if you have a temperature-controlled kettle. This ensures the ideal brewing temperature for your coffee.

Next, place the Chemex filter in the brewer and rinse it with hot water. This preheats the carafe and removes any paper flavor that may affect the taste of your coffee.

Now it’s time to measure and grind your coffee. Use 2 tablespoons (10 grams) of coffee beans for every 6 ounces of water. This ratio can be adjusted according to your personal preference. For a medium grind consistency, aim for the texture of Kosher salt.

Once your coffee is ready, calculate your desired coffee-to-water ratio and let the water cool slightly to avoid scalding the coffee grounds.

The brewing process begins by pouring hot water over the coffee grounds in a slow, controlled manner. This allows the coffee to bloom, releasing its flavorful oils and aromas. Let the coffee bloom for about 30 seconds, then continue pouring the remaining water in three equal parts. This ensures even saturation and helps maintain the desired brew time.

Once the brewing process is complete, carefully remove the filter and enjoy your freshly brewed coffee. The Chemex brewing method produces a clean and smooth cup of coffee with balanced floral notes.

For the best coffee flavor, choose beans that are well-suited for a Chemex. African coffee, known for its bright and tea-like taste, pairs particularly well with the Chemex brewing process. Experiment with different coffee origins and roast levels to find your perfect cup.

After each use, it’s important to properly clean your Chemex to maintain its pristine condition. Wash it with warm water, using a soft-bristled brush to remove any residue. Avoid using scented soap, as it may leave behind unwanted flavors.

Using a Chemex coffee maker allows you to experience the art of pour-over brewing and indulge in the vibrant flavors of freshly brewed coffee. With the right technique, a Chemex becomes more than just a brewing device—it becomes a centerpiece for bringing out the best in your favorite coffee beans.

how to clean a chemex

Pros of Using a Chemex Coffee MakerCons of Using a Chemex Coffee Maker
– Produces a clean and smooth cup of coffee– Requires more attention and technique compared to automatic coffee makers
– Highlights the flavors and aromas of the coffee beans– Requires additional accessories like a gooseneck kettle for precision pouring
– Timeless design and aesthetic appeal– Limited brewing capacity for larger groups
– Offers full control over the brewing process– Requires manual cleaning after each use


The Chemex pour over method is a sophisticated and charming way to brew coffee. By following the steps outlined above, you can achieve a delicate and nuanced cup of coffee with the Chemex. The combination of the Chemex’s iconic design and precise brewing process allows for a clean and balanced flavor profile, showcasing the true essence of your coffee beans.

When using the Chemex pour over, it’s essential to pay attention to a few key tips. First, always start with fresh coffee beans to ensure the highest quality and freshest taste. Additionally, adjusting the grind size is crucial for controlling the brewing time and extracting the desired flavors from your coffee. Experimenting with different coffee-to-water ratios will help you find the perfect strength and balance for your taste preferences.

With practice and attention to detail, you can master the art of Chemex pour over and unlock the full flavor potential of your coffee. Prepare to be amazed by the floral aromas and smooth mouthfeel that the Chemex brewing technique can produce. So grab your Chemex, gather your favorite coffee beans, and embark on the journey of brewing exceptional coffee with this iconic brewer.


How do I use a Chemex pour over?

To use a Chemex pour over, start by placing a Chemex filter in the brewer and rinsing it with hot water to preheat the brewer and remove any paper flavor. Then, add coffee grounds, pour hot water over the grounds, and stir to ensure even saturation. Continue to pour hot water in controlled intervals until the desired volume is reached. Finally, remove the filter and enjoy your brewed coffee.

What is a Chemex and what do I need to use it?

A Chemex is a coffee maker invented in 1941 with a unique design that allows for optimal filtration. To use a Chemex, you will need a Chemex coffee maker, Chemex filters, a coffee scoop or scale for measuring coffee, a grinder for grinding coffee beans, and a gooseneck kettle for precision pouring.

How do I use a Chemex coffee maker, and what is the best coffee for a Chemex?

To use a Chemex coffee maker, start by heating water to a boil or to 205°F if using a temperature-controlled kettle. Prepare the filter by placing it in the Chemex and rinsing it with hot water. Measure and grind your coffee, then pour hot water over the coffee grounds in a slow, controlled manner. The best coffee for a Chemex is typically African coffee, which offers a bright, tea-like taste. To clean a Chemex, wash it with warm water, soap, and a soft-bristled brush after each use.

How can I improve my Chemex pour over technique?

To improve your Chemex pour over technique, consider using fresh coffee beans, adjusting the grind size for your desired brewing time, and experimenting with different coffee-to-water ratios to find your preferred strength. Pay attention to the brewing process, including pouring technique, water temperature, and the bloom phase, to achieve the best results.

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