How we choose a coffee maker

What’s your favourite type of at home coffee maker?

For me it’s all about filter coffee.

When it comes to specialty coffee there is no better way to enjoy the complex flavour profiles of a coffee that has been meticulously grown and roasted than through a paper filter.

The paper filters out much of the bitter tasting oils and leaves you with a clean and bright tasting black coffee with all of those delicious flavour notes.

With all of that said, my favourite coffee maker has to be a filter coffee maker otherwise known as a drip coffee machine.

I have two favourites as not all of these machines are high quality.

Firstly the Sage precision brewer is a great machine that not only has many functions but also brews coffee with almost the degree of perfection as a manual pour over.

My second favourite coffee filter maker is a Moccamaster, you will see these on the back bar of many specialty coffee shops and for good reason.

The brewer drips water at a constant temperature and with an even drip creating a balanced cup. Buying a cheap drip coffee maker can sometimes produce poor coffee as the water temperature can be too hot or cold and the brew water can pour over the grinds too quickly or not quick enough.

That’s why it’s always important to invest just that little bit more and the quality is unbeatable. 

What are the advantages of using a drip coffee machine?

The biggest advantage for me is the quality of coffee that you can brew with a drip coffee filter.

If you were to go to a specialty coffee roaster and purchase the most expensive bag of their coffee the best way to brew this is through a paper filter via a drip coffee machine.

You will be able to pick out the subtle complexities in the flavour profile. 

Second biggest advantage is that there is not a great deal that can go wrong. If you were to buy a home espresso machine, you have to learn a new skill (there are many variables in extracting espresso and takes lots of practice to get right). A drip coffee machine has a couple of steps that can be perfected but on the whole you will be able to brew great coffee from the start. 

What’s the best coffee to use for a drip coffee machine?

For me the best coffee to use in a drip coffee machine is of course specialty arabica coffee. Light to medium roast profile. Look for coffees that have originated from Africa or Central America. Always purchase coffee from your local coffee roaster or a speciality coffee subscription.

What tips do you have for helping to recreate that barista coffee at home?

Firstly, if you are planning to create a milk based espresso drink at home and are willing to splash out on a decent home espresso machine then just be aware that it may take you a while to reach anywhere near the point of your local baristas oat flat white. There is a skill to extracting espresso and steaming milk. However, it’s not rocket science and as long as you are able to dedicate a bit of time to perfecting your new trade then you will be banging out lattes in no time. 

Secondly, invest in some quality coffee cups. The size and shape of the cup make a huge difference when it comes to being able to pour a rosetta in the top of your latte. These incredible handmade ceramic coffee cups from Woven Rosa are our favourite. 

If money was no object, what coffee machine should an aficionado buy for their home?

If money was no object I would purchase the Sage Barista Touch. It is one of Sage’s top machines and although there are many more machines from the likes of Rocket and La Marzocco that are higher quality and fetch a much higher price point. You really can’t beat the user-friendly nature of Sage which is designed to deliver high quality coffee at home. 

Are there any accessories that you can buy that can enhance your coffee making experience at home?

Depending on your brew method, the most important piece of coffee equipment any coffee lover has is a coffee grinder. There is nothing compared to freshly ground coffee.

I would also recommend purchasing a set of coffee scales. Again, depending on your chosen brew method these can be really important in brewing a delicious and balanced coffee.

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