Importers Coffee Merchants is the oldest coffee brand in the Western Cape. The company imports top quality coffees from the world’s leading equatorial coffee grown regions.

These coffees are then hand roasted on an old traditional Probat drum roaster. Every coffee is different and therefore needs to be treated independently when roasting. The single origins are micro-roasted to the coffee’s full potential by our passionate, highly skilled Roast Master. At Importers Coffee Merchants you have the opportunity in purchasing your own single origins by the bag. In the case of filter coffee, you can grind the freshly roasted coffee onsite. We also sell a number of our favourite blends that we know you will enjoy. The roast degree is indicated on the bag by means of a number, indicating the perceived strength of these quality coffees.

Food Offering

We have a simple breakfast and lunch menu, and are known for our generous salt and pepper scrambled eggs and crunchie healthy salads and wraps. You should also try the all day breakfast wrap, a neighbourhood favourite.

And of course, our croissants and muffins are freshly baked on site every morning.

Health Juices and Smoothies

For the healthy runners and cyclists in the hood, Friendly Ken known as Dr. Juice makes freshly squeezed and blended juices on site. Try Lloydo’s Zinging Ginger which is a big hit with our fitness fanatics, made from apple, cinnamon, ginger and carrot. Dr. Juice is also responsible for the crazy good smoothies.

The dairy-based smoothies are made from fat-free frozen yoghurt and the Banana Bomb is to die for! If dairy is not your thing, then Ken’s frozen berries smoothies are also a winner.

Ice Cream

And yes there is more. Some of the best homemade gelato ice creams, and believe it or not, a help yourself soft serve ice cream machine or the kids to play on. We believe we have the best soft serve recipe in town. Kids can then choose from a wide range of sprinkles for further entertainment. If you are an ice cream guru then do try Uncle Lloydo’s Ice Cream Sandwich. Delicious homemade ice cream sandwich between two freshly baked biscuits. It’s a conversation silencer.